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Birmingham Control Centre
The Birmingham Control Centre - one of Europe's leading hubs for security monitoring and services
The Birmingham Control Centre is one of Europe's leading hubs for security monitoring and services, with CCTV cameras located throughout Birmingham. We offer a comprehensive package of services that can be tailored to your individual organisational needs, including:

  • Alarm systems / monitoring / call outs
  • Remote CCTV monitoring
  • Key holding services and active response
  • Lone worker systems

We are committed to providing a high quality service at very competitive rates.
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BCC Schools Insurance
19 Jun
The Local Authority mainatains a number of school insurances centrally. The insurance guidance is contained within this document.
BCC Insurance FAQ
19 Jun
In light of the recent floods, concerns have been raised by schools in relation to the lack of clarity around BCC schools insurance arrangements and actions that need to be undertaken in the likelihood of a flood. Education Infrastructure in conjunction with the Council Insurance Department has developed some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which we hope you will find helpful. Q1. What is BCC Schools Insurance? The Local Authority (LA) maintains a number of school insurances centrally. This is mainly to take advantage of bulk purchase arrangements together with the need to arrange appropriately high levels of cover to provide sufficient protection against large personal injury claims. The insurance premium for such claims, for an individual school, would be prohibitively expensive. Click for link to the Full Insurance Guide document: http://www.birminghameducationsupportservices.co.uk/Article/57566 Q2. Is my school covered under the BCC Schools Insurance policy? All LA Community and Voluntary Controlled schools are covered under the BCC Schools Insurance Policy. Academies, Free schools, Foundation and Trust schools, Voluntary Aided Schools and Independent Schools are not covered by the BCC Schools Insurance policy and therefore need to have their own insurance policy. Q3. What is included in the BCC Schools Insurance policy? The standard package of insurance covered by BCC is as follows: Property Damage Cover for buildings and contents caused by fire, lightning, explosion and terrorism only. Public Liability Cover for legal liability to third parties – limit £40M per event Employers Liability Cover for legal liability to staff and individuals on a work experience programme – limit £25M per event Cash Theft of school money – automatic safe limit of £1,000 which can be varied depending on the safe the school has. Motor Comprehensive insurance for all school owned vehicles including minibuses Engineering Statutory Inspection of all plant and equipment which legally requires inspection. Officials Indemnity Cover for allegations of failure to educate – limit £5M Personal Accident Capital sum of up to 5 times earnings for staff Q4. What is not included in the BCC Schools Insurance Policy? The following items are outside of the BCC Schools Insurance cover: Property Damage Additional perils for buildings and contents including storm, flood, theft and malicious damage Personal Accident Cover for pupils on school trips Foreign travel trips No cover for trips outside the UK Leased items E.g. photocopiers Public Liability PTAs and third parties at school events need their own public liability cover For advice on obtaining additional currently uninsured covers please contact the insurance team on 0121 303 4829 Q5. What do I do about elements not covered by BCC Schools Insurance policy? You must make arrangements to either top up your existing policy or purchase separate policy for elements not covered by BCC Schools Insurance policy. For advice on obtaining additional currently uninsured cover please contact the Insurance Team on 0121 303 4829. Q6. What do I do in an emergency situation? Who do I contact? On discovering an emergency situation, including fire or flood, follow the relevant procedure ie activate the fire alarm if appropriate, evacuate the building in an orderly fashion or call 999 if appropriate. For incidents during school hours (from 9 – 5) if the school is in the Acivico Stars scheme please call 0121 303 6425, or contact your schools emergency contractor*. Contact Education Infrastructure on 0121 303 8847 Contact School and Governors Support on 0121 303 2541 If the incident occurs outside of school hours, if the school is in the Acivico STARS scheme please call 0121 303 4149, or contact your schools emergency contractor. If the nature of the incident has attracted press interest and you are contacted directly by the Press, please inform BCC Press Office on 0121 303 3287 as soon as possible. Contact BCC Insurance Department on 0121 303 4829 *please note all schools are expected to have emergency contact with a contractor to cover out of hour emergencies Q7. What help is available for the elements not covered through BCC Schools Insurance? We advise you to make arrangements immediately for the elements not covered through BCC Schools Insurance. In the extreme cases where it leads to school closure the school must have a Business Continuity Plan and the Local Authority will assist the school in finding alternative accommodation / provision for the pupils. Q8. What is my responsibility as a duty holder? Ensure that the emergency procedures for your site are up to date and regularly reviewed. Ensure that staff are aware of who to contact and have access to keys, fobs and access codes for the site. Ensure that a system of monitoring the building is in place out of hours and during school holidays. If bad weather e.g. heavy rain does occur, inspect the building as soon as possible for any damage. It is also good practice to ensure regular maintenance of drains, gutters and downpipes which will reduce the impact of heavy rainfall. If there are any further queries please email these to edsi.enquiries@birmingham.gov.uk This document will be updated regularly when additional questions are raised. This topic will also be covered in Education Infrastructure Duty Holder Training.
Cold callers claiming to be British Gas Business
13 Jun
Please be aware that some schools are currently experiencing cold calls from callers claiming to be from British Gas Business. The caller is persistent in requesting sensitive account information such as renewal dates and charging rates. We recommend the following: Do not disclose any account information Ask the caller for their name/department Request a telephone number and call reference number to call back on - DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER BACK Contact BGB directly to confirm if the call is genuine or not : myaccmanager@britishgas.co.uk or 0845 835 7215 For those schools who subscribe to The Procurement Service we can confirm: The renewal period under the BCC contract is August to September prior to delivery of utilities beginning in April and therefore are not in our renewal period. If you have any queries please contact: cps@birmingham.gov.uk or 0121 464 8000
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20 Jun
Food Safety Level 2 Wednesday 20th June 2018 9am - 5pm
What is covered? The importance of food safety Food safety laws Legal responsibilities of food handlers Types of contamination and the associated risks Bacteriology • Food poisoning • Foodborne illnesses An introduction to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Personal hygiene Work flow, work surfaces and equipment Cleaning and disinfection Waste disposal Pest control Safe food handling practices including time and temperature controls • Preparation • Cooking & reheating • Chilling • Cooling • Freezing • Thawing • Hot holding • Displaying food • Core temperatures • Food preservation • Storage Stock control procedures
22 Jun
Birmingham UNICEF RRSA, Moving To Level 2 / Gold
This is a really exciting initiative that is already having a significant impact on building resilience with children and young people in Birmingham. There are 129 schools engaged with the RRSA and due to high demand, we are now able to offer further training.
25 Jun
Restorative Supervision for Education staff with a Safeguarding role
A model of supervision that aims to prevent stress and burnout amongst staff working in the challenging area of safeguarding . A stand alone model, designed for professionals in the helping and caring professions. This course supports the professional development and personal support section of the Birmingham Supervision Model for Education. Purpose Restorative Supervision is a model built on a strong evidence base and which has been tested across a wide range of professionals working in the helping and caring professions. Evidence tells us that individuals find this approach useful in supporting them to process their workplace experiences and is an effective way to restore their capacity to think clearly.